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Value Stream Mapping is the most effective tool used to understand, analyse and improve a production or administrative process.

At the heart of Lean thinking is the constant focus on creating value for the customer and eliminating waste. Therefore, the sequence of activities within an organisation that creates customer value is identified as the Value Stream.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a technique that can be employed to not only provide a visual representation of a procedure, but also used to analyse the flow of material and information required to bring a product or service to a customer. VSM has the potential to identify significant savings in the current way in which the process is organised and performed. 

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VSM Service

The focus of our VSM service is to create a visual representation that identifies all of the current actions required to deliver a product or service to the ultimate customer. Analysis of this current state then allows us to create a course of action that maximises efficiency and minimises conversion cost using the appropriate Lean Methodologies and Techniques.

This service is generally conducted over a 1 - 3 day period depending on the size and complexity of the Value Stream, after which you will receive a documentation pack containing the following:

Current State Map - Detailing the product / product family conversion process together with relevant data capture.
Future State Map - Designed following the end-to-end analysis of value adding / non-value adding activity, demonstrating improvement potential. 
Implementation Plan - Scoping and prioritising opportunities by framing project problem statements based on identified NVA activities. 

On completion of this service, if you have the available resource and experience within your team, you can conduct the transformation activity identified in the implementation plan against your own timeline. Alternatively, our Lean experts can assist you in the delivery of the project through to completion, the choice is yours. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff frequently carry out Value Stream Mapping exercises, all of which have resulted in significant saving for the organisations involved.

          Productivity improvement - 43%              Stock reduction - £1.2M              Conversion cost reduction - 26% 


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