Problem Solving Support

Problem Solving Support


Today's unprecedented challenges require superior problem-solving skills not only from leaders but from everyone in the organisation. BTA offer you the ideal problem solving support solution.




BTA have taken the unmatched 8-Step Practical Problem-Solving process developed and used by Toyota and created a ‘Support Workshop’ that will teach you how to use this potent methodology, based on the proven scientific method of plan-do-check-act, as we address an important business problem within your organisation. 


What makes the Toyota 8-Step Problem-Solving approach so powerful is that it is a complete process - a way of thinking, leading, communicating, learning, getting things done, and developing ‘real’ problem solvers.

This isn’t a course taught online or in a classroom, this is ‘hands-on’ support working in your business on your business problems, allowing an even deeper level of learning. Our experienced instructors will be on hand and will have the opportunity to understand your struggle points and prioritise your learning needs to support you through your problem-solving journey.

If you want to introduce and develop the structured problem-solving, hypothesis-testing, and fact-based decision-making skills in your organisation, our support workshop approach may provide you with the best solution.


We have many examples that can demonstrate exceptional ROI for this popular service as well as testimony from attendees.


Contact us to discuss your needs and obtain further details.



Whether you need coaching to develop organisational leadership effectiveness, frontline management proficiency, work team or business-unit process improvement capability, or to achieve an organisation-wide transformation, BTA can customise a support plan to meet your needs.