Change Management Business Support

BTA's Change Management Partnership is a cost effective subscription service that provides organisations with access to the skill-set and experience required to address performance issues.

BTA's Change Management Partnership

Our clients look to us to provide expertise in manufacturing operations and our Change Management Partnership was created to satisfy that demand. BTA’s Lean specialists are past operations leaders from some of the world's top companies, every day we support our clients to solve their toughest problems, building capabilities to deliver better outcomes.

BTA’s change management specialists develop deep and long-term relationships through working side by side with clients at all levels, while providing best-in-class operations capabilities and driving sustainable solutions to business problems and functional challenges.

We help organisations understand precisely where and how they can maximise their operational performance. Our consultants take up important leadership roles in your business, bringing in-depth operations expertise and capabilities to the team. Together we identify and deliver world-class solutions to the most critical challenges, as well as provide distinctive end-to-end support to ensure the business achieves and sustains the full benefits of BTA's recommended changes.

What our Change Management Partnership offers

  • Practical hands-on coaching to leaders and team members
  • Problem solving and target achievement by working with your people
  • Accomplishing results by rapidly putting ideas into action
  • Implementing effective best practice methodologies to the needs of your business
  • Professionally managed Improvement projects
  • Working with leaders to build systems to sustain a Continuous Improvement culture

At a time when cost control is critical, BTA’s Change Management Partnership can deliver the resilience and efficiency business needs for the next ‘new’ normal.

If you need business direction or support for your leadership group, or simply need some external help and advice to improve your company, make a smart investment to minimise costly disruptions before they occur.

Consider BTA as your partner for your strategic deployment efforts, together we can enable long term, sustainable success within an increasingly competitive and challenging global environment.


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