Accelerated Change Event (ACE)

Improving current performance is a key objective of every organisation. Every business leader wants to continuously increase productivity, minimise costs, satisfy customer requirements, get to market faster with better products and services or to provide a speedy return on investment (ROI).  A project management methodology that promotes a lean (no waste) and agile (flexible and supportive of good interpersonal relations) approach is a means to the end of improving organisational performance. However, performance improvement projects can be complex, they require a concerted effort to bring together tools, methods, and knowledge to enable people to work more effectively.  

Most companies still operate according to old organisational paradigms and need to carry out breakthrough transformations, but without the resources,  skill-set or the time how can you accomplish this?

What is an Accelerated Change Event?

Our Accelerated Change Event (ACE) provides a Kaizen type activity delivered to you by professional and highly qualified individuals who have decades of TPS experience and a passion for business excellence. The assigned consultant(s) will partner with the client business to provide customised solutions to problems, targets and ambitions. As with all improvement events whether they are Kaizen or ACE there are steps and stages that both will need to go through, the only difference between the two are who gets involved and how much involvement they will actually have. This is why ACE was developed, we at BTA, all being past business executives, appreciate that time and resource availability quite often present an obstacle to the training and development element of the traditional Kaizen approach, especially during a crisis situation. 

What are the Benefits of an Accelerated Change Event?

ACE allows managers and employees to focus on the day-to-day business, while BTA investigate and address problems that the business can’t resource at this point in time, or that might require the skills and experience that are currently beyond the abilities of the team.


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