Lean Competency System LCS Level 1b

LCS Level 1b

Our LCS L1b programme provides the candidate with knowledge of lean diagnostic tools, analytical and planning techniques and the ability to use them effectively in the workplace to understand customer/stakeholder value, analyse the current state and solve identified problems.

Topics Covered in LCS Level 1b

B1: Purpose, customer/stakeholder value identification and understanding
B2: Mapping techniques
B3: Quality approaches
B4: Problem solving techniques
B5: Basic data gathering/statistical techniques
B6: Planning and communication techniques
B7: Demand and capacity analysis and understanding techniques


LCS 1b application focuses on the ability to:

  • Analyse a process/value stream through the application of mapping and other diagnostic techniques.
  • Use problem-solving techniques to identify and define problems and issues to improve processes and quality.
  • Understand how to improve and plan for improvements as a result of diagnostic activities.
  • Undertake activities and use techniques to understand customer value and the ‘voice of the customer’.
  • Understand variation and undertake basic data gathering and statistical techniques to help diagnose and support the problem solving process.


Our LCS L1b qualification is typically delivered over a 6-month period consisting of 5 classroom workshops and 3 'on-site' activity sessions. During this time the business will observe fundamental changes in the level of diagnosis and analysis skills at their disposal, which will greatly assist in the lean transformation planning phase.       

LCS Level 1b - Problem Solving
LCS Level 1b - Value Stream Mapping
LCS Level 1b - Data Gathering