LCS Level 1a

Providing awareness and a basic understanding of lean thinking principles and underlying continuous improvement concepts and an ability to understand and articulate fundamental lean ideas.

A1 – Origins and Evolution of Lean Thinking & CI

A2 – Underpinning the Related Concept and Approaches

A3 – Key Lean CI Principles and Frameworks

A4 – Core Elements of Lean and CI

A5 – Awareness of the Human and Strategic Dimension of Lean Thinking

Level 1a is the qualification starting point for everyone, but this workshop has been carefully designed to accommodate those individuals that will be effected by changes in the current ways of working as the business progresses on it’s Lean transformation. If everyone can understand what Lean is and what advantages to a business it can provide the speed and success rate of any transformation is greatly improved, we therefore recommend all operators are trained to this Yellow Belt level.


Quotes from past attendees


LM (CI Operative) - "Simulation exercises gave a real demonstration of how lean really does improve businesses"
JB (Operator) - "Very good communication - trainer to trainee, a great course"
SP (Operator) - "Everything was explained in great detail, very enjoyable"
EM (Operator) - "The simulation session helped me understand clearly how Lean will help improve my line"
KB (Manufacturing Manager) - "Great session spending time with the team and having their input identifying the 8 Wastes"
BH (Operator) - "I liked how well the training was done and you were not under pressure"
MN (Front Line Manager) - "All aspects of the course gave a greater understanding"