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Partnering with organisations to deliver strategic objectives, BTA can work with you and your teams to implement improvements to your business systems while developing your employees' skill set. Our LCS programme provides a return on investment during the learners development stage, a somewhat unique approach that isn't offered by other training companies.

The important thing about this qualification is that it focuses on what the learner has actively done during the programme not just on what they know. This is a hands-on development process with a tangible end result, the learner will be exposed to the Lean tools and techniques through presentation, discussion and simulation - a multi-sensory approach to learning, that will ensure that candidates leave our development session with ability and confidence. We also assess the learner during ‘live' improvement activity at stages throughout the programme, we don't offer a qualification based on classroom training and a submission of what the learner ‘claims' to have done as a result. We witness the application first hand, not only to ensure the learners capabilities, but to offer guidance and support to help the learner improve further, maximising their potential and also the results of their activity.

A BTA business improvement expert will be assigned to your organisation before commencement of the LCS programme to fully understand your target condition, taking into account any current terminology or documentation standards that you may want incorporated as part of our training.

There are three levels within the LCS framework and learners embarking on the BTA programme must progress through each level, we don't offer any shortcuts or give consideration to prior learning. This stringent approach ensures that everyone within a single organisation receives the same message, training and therefore understanding of the associated Lean tools and techniques that will become part of the manufacturing system created within their business. By adopting this approach there are no preconceived ideas, conflicts of terminology or Lean tool application methods, thereby ensuring rapid success and sustained improvement.

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