Cultural Maturity Assessment


The key to the successful implementation of a Lean Production System lies in knowing where the organisation needs to be in the future. However, at the same time, it is equally important that business leaders know the current state of their business culture to support the necessary transformation to the future state. Our Cultural Maturity Assessment shows leaders how advanced their organisations are in terms of a Lean Culture perspective, its strengths, weakness and improvement opportunities.

The assessment enables detailed, step-by-step, quantitative scoring to diagnose the current state. A 0-to-4 rating scale is used to assess the selected Lean parameters, where 0 represents the lowest level of maturity and 4 is best in class. The scorecard contains detailed guidelines for the scoring criteria.

To aid in completing the scorecard, leaders should conduct interviews and audits, walk the business, and do all other necessary data gathering. Once the scores are complete, the assessment can be returned to BTA for your 'free' analysis that will allow the creation of your personalised report and roadmap to address the key parameters for improvement.

Your completed information and output report will remain confidential.

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