Value Stream Mapping

At the heart of Lean thinking is the focus on creating value for the customer and eliminating waste. The sequence of activity within an organisation that creates customer value is called the Value Stream.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a technique that can be employed to not only provide a visual representation of a procedure, but also used to analyse the flow of material and information required to bring a product or service to a customer. VSM has the potential to identify significant savings in the way in which the process is organised and performed. 

Why use Value Stream Mapping?

Your company may be looking to find opportunities for improvements in your department or areas performance, so that you can deliver the same value to the customer at lower cost to your organisation. However, identifying these opportunities can be a challenge.

A useful way of identifying opportunities and improving processes successfully is to use a lean manufacturing technique called Value Stream Mapping (VSM).

VSM looks at the full, end-to-end process. It helps you map visually how information and materials flow through all of the activities that occur – from the time an order is placed to the time the product or service is delivered. The starting point is customer needs, where the map shows how and when information is received. The end point is when the product or service is delivered to the customer, with the map showing how conversion processes and communication processes affect the whole flow.

By looking at your process from start to finish, you can clearly identify steps where no real value is added, and therefore, you can focus resources and effort on the elimination of these types of waste. Your original Value Stream Map becomes the baseline for improvement initiatives that eliminate no-value, wasteful activities.

Value Stream Mapping is best applied to processes that are reasonably routine and standardised. Manufacturing companies are obvious examples of these, but any organisation that delivers a standard set of products or services will likely benefit from applying VSM.

Value Stream Mapping is unlikely to be useful where work processes change continuously or where bespoke products are delivered, because the flow may change with each customer or project.

The focus of this 2-day Lean Training course is to provide delegates with the practical skills to use Value Stream Mapping in a service or manufacturing organisation.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have frequently been requested to carry out Value Stream Mapping exercises, which have resulted in significant saving for the organisations involved. If required BTA can incoporate a post course assignment approach following this training when we will facilitate, coach and support the team in the application of their newly developed skills.

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