Strategy Deployment Process

No matter what its size, an organisation is driven by its objectives, mission and values; these factors are in large part realised by the employees within that organisation. To achieve a desired results and excel in its business, a company needs its employees to perform at their peak.

BTA executives have taken their own personal training and development gained within Toyota, together with years of experience using the TPS tools and techniques, to develop a process that can accelerate the cultural transformation required to deliver Operational Excellence within any business.

Built on proven systems for helping organisations and its people achieve success, BTA’s Goal Achievement Method (GAMe™) has been developed from combining the techniques used in Hoshin Kanri with those of the Harada Method to provide a total system that interconnects perfectly with Lean, Six Sigma and other Continuous Improvement efforts to deliver accelerated results.

Having clear goals and priorities that are understood by everyone in the organisation and processes to manage the delivery of these goals is what differentiates successful companies from those that are mediocre or poor performers.


Effective Strategy Deployment using GAMe™

GAMe™ is an effective means for developing the highly skilled employee’s that successful companies need, it teaches a systematic way of developing employees to reach their individual goals, and organisations realise greater success. Essentially, this process eliminates the waste that comes from inconsistent direction and poor communication.  People perform best when they have a purpose, when they understand not just what to do – but why it’s important.

GAMe™ allows leaders to build and condition the culture of an organisation into one in which the work they are doing is value-added and aligned in its approach to long-term growth and sustainability. Understanding that we get the best out of our people by ensuring we communicate the strategic intent of our business to all stakeholders, supporting them in reaching and achieving goals that support the purpose, empowering them to develop their plan of how they achieve with your support will result in developing your employees to become winners.

GAMe™ teaches you how to lead people to sharpen their skills, their mind, their body, and their spirit. When people have clear goals with strong purposes, they can visualise becoming the best with everything falling into place.

GAMe™ encourages improvement across all levels of an organisation:

It makes leaders and coaches out of managers.
Not only does it improve a person’s skill level, but it also creates a vision for the long-term personal success of the individual.
Once individuals visualise what they want to achieve, this method teaches them how to set smaller goals on the road to realising their greater vision.
As individuals work toward achieving success, individuals’ self-esteem is raised and further pushes them to do better. This also improves their confidence.
Once the path for moving forward is defined, it is easier to repeat success.
Any individual can be successful.


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