Standard Work

Standard Working Simulation

Standard Work is the primary building block in your lean system, and will deliver benefits in safety, quality, delivery and cost measures to the business if applied correctly.

Standard work is the practice of setting, communicating, following, and improving standards.

Establishing standard work begins with creating, clarifying, and sharing information about the most efficient method currently known to perform a task. Once this information has been shared, everyone practices this standard consistently so that the work is done the best way every time. This is where continuous improvement comes into play; standard work isn't a "set it and forget it" process, announced once and then permanently unchanging. Instead, everyone should work to improve the standard, and share new best practices as they're discovered.

Standard work creates stability and consistency within a continuous improvement system by providing a baseline.



Standard Work Training

This one day classroom based course will provide the learner with the knowledge and skill required to build on the foundations of the lean transformation journey back in their own workplace. The Standard Work module is designed to demonstrate how operational costs can be substantially reduced by the application of this lean fundamental tool.  The team at BTA will coach you through the process steps of capturing, analysing, documenting, publishing and managing Standard Work in a style that will promote full understanding by the learner so that the skills are immediately transferable to the work environment.

This Lean Training module can also be delivered on site to teams of employees, with 'live' activity support and coaching if required.

Check upcoming Lean Training events for dates and venues or contact us for further details