Learn Effective Problem Solving Skills

Applying Problem Solving Skills in the Workplace

This Lean Training workshop will build confidence and allow delegates to recognise their ability to address business issues effectively by learning proven problem solving skills and techniques.

Effective problem solving is not a chance process. Our workshop covers a structured 8 step approach developed and used by Toyota. It is this structure that allows participants to quickly learn how to solve problems, generate fresh ideas and then work with those ideas effectively.

Participants will learn a wide range of practical techniques to understand concerns and issues thoroughly, generate and develop new ideas and solutions, compare and evaluate solutions and then communicate those ideas effectively.

This one day ‘hands on’ workshop means that all participants learn whilst 'doing'; maximising the skills transfer and usage of the techniques after attendance.

This module can be delivered at a host site over 2 days as part of a 'live' business activity. BTA staff members will facilitate, coach and support during day 2, when the team will apply their newly developed skills in the workplace for the first time.

Check up coming Lean Training events for dates and venues or contact us for further details.