Effective Production Management

Is your manufacturing business strategically positioned to outpace its competitors? The effective streamlining of your company’s approach to both planning and control is the key to increasing efficiency, reducing conversion costs and improving service levels, thereby staying one step ahead of the competition. In this fast-moving industry where customer demands rule all, not only regularly meeting but exceeding those demands is vital for your organisations success.   

Based on our teams comprehensive and hands-on operational experience, this coaching programme will teach you the basic principles and best practices behind todays Production Management, including essential concepts like Standard Operations, Standard Time, Efficiency Management, Manpower Planning, Job Assignments, Operation Analysis, Motion Analysis and Workplace Organisation

Upon completion of this programme, manufacturing professionals will have the necessary practical skills to improve both their personal performance and the overall proficiency of their company’s manufacturing operations. Our coaching will provide you with the knowledge, analysis, and advanced practices your business needs to stay current and competitive as an integral part of the supply chain industry. It will also show you how to consistently meet customer requirements, and how to meet those crucial obligations with significantly greater speed and accuracy than the competition.

'Effective Production Management'

Who is this programme is for:

Perfect for manufacturing professionals and high performing employees looking to transition into Production Management who are seeking a basic and more advanced understanding of manufacturing planning, execution, and control systems.

Topics covered:

Workplace Organisation   

The 5S Methodology,  Putting 5S into Action, Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke Activities, Influence on Safety, Efficiency and Quality                        

Standard Operations         

What is a Standard Operation?, Determining Standard Operations, Standard Operations & Standard Times, The Standard Operation Sheet                                

Standard Time                     

What is Standard Time?, Management Attitude,   Maintaining Standard Times, Applying Standard Times

Efficiency Management     

What is Efficiency Management?  Benefits of Time Recording, Upgrading Labour Productivity                                        

 Manpower Planning         

 What is Manpower Planning, Calculating Manpower,                                                 

Job Assignments               

Balancing job Distribution, Identifying Waste in Job Assignments, Job Distribution Concepts,  Building in Quality, Line Management and Job Assignments, Job Assignment Efficiency, Making Job Assignments

Operation Analysis         

Types of Operation Analysis, Work Sample Method, Continuous Operation Analysis Method                                                  

Analysis and Motion Improvement  

Definition of Skill, Motion Analysis, Motion Improvement

The aim of this programme is to equip those responsible for manufacturing to meet the stringent demands of today's highly competitive industrial environment. The programme provides a balance of theory, practice and participation to instil the Competence, Confidence and Capability to transform and optimise manufacturing performance.


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