Workplace Organisation (5S)

Most improvement programmes start with 5S because it builds, and demonstrates, a culture of self-discipline.  This self-discipline forms the basis for further process improvements such as standard work, quick changeover and total productive maintenance.

A good 5S programme displays a facility’s culture & mind-set and assists problem prevention. Everything has a place, everything is in its place, and ready for use, and when they are not we start asking why. This is the beginning of a 5S programme that forms the foundation of a lean transformation and if not applied correctly your efforts to improve your business performance will be futile.

This one day classroom based course will provide the learner with the knowledge and skill required to successfully launch a lean transformation journey back in their own workplace. The Workplace Organisation module is designed to demonstrate the immediate productivity improvements achievable by the correct application of this lean fundamental tool. 

'Good Housekeeping' is the by-product of 5S not the objective of it and the team at BTA will coach you through the five process steps of Workplace Organisation in a style that will promote full understanding by the learner so that the skills are immediately transferable to the work environment.

This Lean Training module can also be delivered on site to teams of employees, with 'live' activity support and coaching if required.

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