Published: 22 September 2021


PDCA Cycle




Every business regardless of its shape or size will have problems, whether they like to admit to this or not.  It is, however, those businesses that accept they exist and consistently lead a problem-solving culture that will separate the forward-thinking businesses from those that will be left behind.  By introducing a formalised approach to problem solving you then open the doors to so much more than problem resolution.




The PDCA Cycle provides a simple and effective approach for solving problems and managing change. It enables businesses to develop hypotheses about what needs to change, test these hypotheses in a continuous feedback loop, and gain valuable learning and knowledge. It promotes testing improvements on a small scale before updating company-wide procedures and work methods.

PDCA can be used in a variety of business environments and a number of different applications, including project management, change management, product development, and resource management. The PDCA model is simple and easy to understand, yet it's a powerful driver for meaningful change and improvement while minimising waste and increasing efficiency.

So, are you applying this 'simple and easy to understand' technique correctly to address your business issues, or are you falling short in your problem solving efforts? 

Watch the short presentation below to discover the 3 most common causes of problem solving failure.


Published: 22 September 2021