Published: 27 April 2021

North East OpEx Forum

North East OpEx Forum


BTA's OpEx Forum

"Join our OpEx Forum and in just a few hours each month you will deepen your understanding of Operational Excellence thinking and practice, so that you continue to build on your ability and credibility as an operational leader in helping your organisation to navigate today’s challenges".

                                                               Colin Hastings

                                                              Company Director



Why subscribe to the North East OpEx Forum

With BTA’s OpEx Forum your organisation will gain access to an ongoing learning experience and interaction with the Forum community. Together you will learn how to increase the productivity of your company as you build an organisation where problem-solving, teamwork and leadership results in sustainable ongoing improvement.

The Forum community will be selected from non-competing organisations and diverse industries, who have demonstrated executive commitment to Continuous Improvement. Members will learn together how to better understand customer needs, effective design and development of processes, and the creation of strong management systems. 

Forum meetings are held bi-monthly, each exploring a new topic that offers an insight on the vital advances in OpEx thinking and practice.

What you get when you subscribe to the North East OpEx Forum

- Customised learning opportunities
- Coaching and mentoring
- CI transformation project support
- Strategy planning and deployment support
- Practical, actionable ‘Go-Do’ challenges
- Documented learning shared member-to-member and the broader community (with approval)
- Opportunities to join small-group, focused learning events
- Discounted tickets at BTA’s public workshops
- Discount on LCS Training and other BTA services for your organisation

Try before you commit!

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain perspective about BTA’s OpEx Forum - with an emphasis on what the forum plans to deliver and how you and your organisation can benefit from membership.

Enjoy free attendance at an introductory meeting hosted by Kim English and Colin Hastings the founders of BTA. Both are past business executives and seasoned Lean professionals who have personally led and successfully delivered significant change programmes. 


Book now to express your interest in honing your skills in readiness for your organisation’s Operational Excellence journey.

Published: 27 April 2021