Published: 16 March 2021

Food Industry Lean Specialists


Is your food processing business strategically positioned to outpace its competitors? The effective streamlining of your company’s approach to both planning and control is the key to increasing efficiency, reducing conversion costs and improving service levels, thereby staying one step ahead of the competition. In this fast-moving industry where customer demands rule all, not only regularly meeting but exceeding those demands is vital for your organisations success.   


To compete in today’s progressive economy a business must continuously improve its performance. Improved performance alone, however, is not enough: improvement must be sustained and the personnel within the organisation fully engaged.

‘Lean’ has become a popular term for improvement in today’s corporate culture. The tools, the methodologies and principles developed by Toyota in the creation of their Production System, remain unmatched to this day by any other management method. The Toyota Production System is therefore considered as the ‘global benchmark’ by all lean practitioners.


Lean at its core is about developing people. Development for most organisations usually consists of superficial training or a certification programme conducted by a 3rd party provider. We at BTA believe that this development comes through the experience of engaging actively with the frontline work where the value is created for the customer, through a coaching or “sensei” style approach as used in Japan, to educate rather than qualify individuals. 

Our Toyota trained coaches combine both extensive theoretical knowledge and real-world implementation experience gained across many well-known global manufacturing-based organisations. This combination of experience and our unique approach delivers a faster return on investment, while maintaining long-term sustainability within your organisation.

We believe that the only way to truly create a culture of sustainability is to work with your staff, as failure to engage with your staff only leads to short term gains and a never-ending cycle of massive change interventions.

Our approach is to work closely with your key employees to design and implement change. ‘Hands-On’ experience and supported projects enable staff to implement their knowledge and skills immediately to achieve results that are instant, measurable and value-added to the organisation.


Unlike many other Management Consultancies, BTA are experts in performance improvement, that’s all we do. By employing the trusted methodologies and proven analysis techniques of Lean, we empower companies on their journey to Operational Excellence.


We are the Food Industry Lean Specialists.

BTA are the 'Preferred Partner of Choice' to some of the food industries leading organisations. Our business continues to grow through recommendations and referrals, (although some businesses would like to keep our services all to themselves!). Our results are impressive and sustainable, because we take the time to really understand your business problem and strategic intent before commencing analysis or planning a solution. However, it doesn't stop there, we then implement the plan with you and your team to deliver our forecasted result.

If you could benefit from professional 'hands-on' support to address current fundamental business issues don't hesitate to contact us.


Published: 16 March 2021